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The SPTC is the longest established triathlon club on the Gold Coast with a 20 year history status that has stood the test of time. From its inception the club has maintained its integrity and dominance securing consistent top 3 clubs in the state over its 20 year history.

The SPTC is recognised as one of QLDs most reputable and highly recommended clubs. Club coach Jenny Alcorn has been involved in the sport for over 25 years, 20 years as a life member of SPTC. She has amazing passion for the sport and prides herself on providing its members with an atmosphere of harmony, support, challenges and lifestyle changes that caters to all levels of the sport whether you be a beginner, child, junior, age grouper or Ironman.

Jenny provides a full triathlon training program with 9 training sessions per week with a balance of all the critical training ingredients to reach your goals. Jenny attends all training sessions and sets all the programs. Jenny is easy to talk to and diligently works with you towards achieving your desired dreams and goals.

Jenny has a wealth of knowledge from years of experience at the highest level of the sport. She has a history of International ITU racing competing for Australia at Elite level as well as age group level. Her passion is always growing and she thrives on the challenges you bring to her.

The Surfers Paradise Triathlon Club has been incorporated since 1989.The Surfers Paradise Triathlon Club was the first Triathlon club to be formed on the Gold Coast. Many Clubs have come and gone but the SPTC has continued to grow and remain the strongest Triathlon Club in QLD.

SPTC was the first club to pioneer its way into international racing back in 1992 when it took its first team to Europe to compete. This in turn has enabled the Club to be recognised world wide and enhanced its ability to encourage International Triathletes to come to the Gold Coast and train with one of the biggest and strongest training squads.

The training program and venues have remained much the same over the years and the club boosts having the recognition and exposure that see’s Interstate and Queenslanders return for holidays or events from year to year in the knowledge that they will have an awesome triathlon squad to train with throughout their stay.

The very prominent and outstandingly recognisable club logo “SP” symbol embedded in the club as we describe ourselves as “Super People” Super human athletes, Super Men and Women all of whom are having Super fun in the sport we love.

In the late 90's the club was successful in gaining sponsorship from Ron Clarke through his involvement with Couran Cove and Ron in his position as Mayor continues to show interest and support for the club and its future development.

During its 22 years of existence the Club has produced many former and current World Champions in the field of Triathlon and Duathlon and has had a number of Australian Team members and National Champions in all fields of the sport including Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming as well as Triathlon and Duathlon.

Former World Duathlon Champion Jenny Alcorn who has been the club’s coach for the last 16 years was awarded life membership in 2005 along with Jackie Gallagher also a former World Triathlon and Duathlon Champion by the club for the commitment they have shown to the growth of the Club and the development of the sport of Triathlon.

Olympic Champion Emma Snowsill who was a member of the Surfers Paradise Tri club in the late 90’s and coached under the guidance of Jenny Alcorn - and Craig Walton are members and ambassadors’ of the club and the sport of Triathlon. Rebecca Keat is the clubs long distant representative as another local triathlete living & training on the Gold Coast.

The club is made up of many individuals from all walks of life and all ages comprising of Kids, Junior Elite, Novice Juniors, beginner Triathletes and elite seasoned Age Groupers as well as the more mature Triathletes. Put all of these together and the Club has a well balanced group of experience, knowledge and athletes willing to strive for their individual goals.

The result is an awesome group of Athletes, Friends, Family and Social Community all working together to produce a harmonious training environment. Achievements are individual in turn producing Queensland's top 1 to 3 club ranking for the last 16 years a Queensland record for Club Champions.

Financially the clubs biggest achievement has been the ability to gain a gaming grant of $10,000 which has been used to purchase training equipment for the squad. The next challenge is to seek and gain approval from the Council and gain another grant to build a Training Gym at our Home base since 1989 - Miami Pizzy Park Olympic Pool. All indications are very positive and we could see that development within the next 12 months to three years.

The SPTC is strongly working towards increasing the Profile of Triathlon with its emphasis on beginners and Juniors coming into the sport with “come and try triathlons and specific training sessions and one on one sessions to introduce newbie’s to the amazing sport of triathlon".

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